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The Deuteronomic Law [Deut. 12:6-18, 14:22-29, 26:11-13] given to people by God to establish rules and order, instructs those governing the nation to set aside part of the nation's crops and tithes to care for the poor, the alien, the widows and orphans among them. God does not instruct the tentmakers or the shepherds to care for the poor (they too are called to tithe); instead He places this dictate in the government's domain. Our nations' governments -- if we are God's children -- must establish and enact a policy of giving a percentage of its money and food to the least in the nation. In Psalm 72 we are reminded that the nation's leader is charged with defending the needs of the poor, delivering them when they call, crushing their oppressors; we even learn that cities are a good thing. Opposing tax cuts for the wealthy is following God's instructions and enacting them is disobeying God. For a government to provide entitlement programs -- health care and food and shelter to its most needy citizens, etc. -- is to follow God's orders; to do otherwise is to directly disobey God.
- Dianna S. Wentz, Forum: The Democrats' fundamental problem, Post-Gazette, Nov. 14, 2004 at http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/04319/411226.stm.