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If a man leaves his well or pit open, and an animal falls into it, he is liable (Exo. 21:33-34).  If you have a balcony, you had better put a rail on it, or you are liable if someone falls off (Deut. 22:8). If you have a pile of broken glass, make sure children cannot get to it. If you have a swimming pool, make sure access is limited. If you have an old refrigerator in your yard, make sure the door is broken so that children cannot shut themselves in it.  But liability is not absolute either.  Any social system must define the limits of liability, but there is always to be some liability.  If your swimming pool is fenced and you have a sign up saying that your permission is required before anyone may enter the pool, chances are you have fulfilled the local law.

- James Jordan, The Law of the Covenant 129-30 (1984), at http://www.garynorth.com/freebooks/: HTML, DjVu.