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When the rapist and the raped are both unmarried and unbetrothed: The rapist has forcefully murdered the woman’s honour, by raping her. He has violently impaled her, she being unwilling. Thereafter, he too should violently be impaled - even if unwilling. The juridical rule must be: eye for eye; tooth for tooth; and, as it were, rape for rape (cf. Exo. 21:24-25). After due process of law and conviction on the evidence, he too should be impaled, at law - with arrows or stones (or bullets)! As Jesus says: With the measure with which he measured, he too shall be measured and judged (Matt. 6:2 cf. 5:21-26). In Deut. 24:16f. God commands: "Every man shall be put to death for his own sin. You shall not pervert...the fatherless."
- F.N. Lee, Rape!!!: A 6000 History of Pederasty and other Sexual Violence 10-11 (2004), at http://www.dr-fnlee.org/docs4/wpfcmar/wpfcmar.pdf.