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Some have argued that since God fought for Israel, Israel was morally obligated to do nothing in its own defense. This argument is the same as saying that since God will take care of the poor, the poor must do nothing for themselves, and we are obligated to do nothing for them. In short, it does not wash. God fought for Abram, but since Abram was a man of means, Abram had to fight, too (Gen. 14:1f.). When David fought, God’s army fought right above him, but he was still ordered, by God, to fight (2 Sam. 5:23f.).
- James B. Jordan, Pacifism and the Old Testament: A Survey of Four Recent Books, The Theology of Christian Resistance (No. 2 WINTER, 1983) at 75, 88, at http://www.garynorth.com/freebooks.