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If Servetus was guilty of blasphemy, then you must admit that the sentence of death executed against him was not cruelty, nor were the judges who justly pronounced that sentence were murderers or persecutors, but that this death was the execution of God’s judgment, and they the true faithful servants of God, who, when no other remedy was found, did remove the iniquity from among them.  That God has appointed death by his law, without mercy, to be executed upon the blasphemers, is evident by that which is written, Leviticus 24:10-23.
- John Knox, An answer to the cavillations of an adversary respecting the doctrine of predestination (1560) repr. in The works of John Knox, ed. David Laing (6 vols, Edinburgh, 1856), v, 224; at http://reformedcovenanter.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/john-knox-on-the-execution-of-servetus-and-leviticus-24/.