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It is the duty of a Christian magistrate to compel to amendment the breakers and condemners of God’s Sabbath and worship. The peers of Israel, and all the people of God, did stone to death (as the Lord commanded them) the man that disobediently did gather sticks on the Sabbath-day [Num. 15:32-36]. Why then should it not be lawful for a Christian magistrate to punish by bodily imprisonment, by loss of goods, or by death, the despisers of religion, of the true and lawful worship of the Sabbath-day?  [...] For it is a heinous sin and a detestable schism, if the congregation be assembled, either in cities or villages, for you then to seek out byways to hide yourself, and not to come from there, but to condemn the church of God and assembly of saints: as the Anabaptists have often done.
- Henry Bullinger, Fifty godly and learned sermons divided into the five decades containing the chief and principal points of Christian religion, ed. Thomas Harding (1849-52 Parker edn; 4 vols, Grand Rapids, 2004), i, 261-2, at  http://reformedcovenanter.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/henry-bullinger-on-the-magistrates-duty-to-compel-sabbath-observance/