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The use of force in preservation of life is a biblical doctrine (Exo. 22:2–3; Prov. 24:10–12; Esth. 8–9; Neh. 4; cp. John 15:13–14). Likewise, those who possessed weapons in Scripture are often said to be well skilled in the use of them (Judg. 20:15–16; 1 Chron. 12:1–2, 21–22). We can only surmise that 1) God gave them talent in this regard, and that 2) they engaged in target practice regularly. Further, under biblical law, to be disarmed was to be enslaved and led to a disruption of the economic order due to government regulations and monopolies (1 Sam.13:19–22). But the mere presence of a couple weapons had psychological effects that put criminals to flight (1 Sam. 13). There is a reason why Scripture tells these stories: they illustrate the defense of life, liberty, and property in the midst of a fallen world (and fallen governments).
- Joel McDurmon, "Bring Your Pieces to Church" Sunday, (April 23, 2010), at http://americanvision.org/2010/post/%E2%80%9Cbring-your-pieces-to-church%E2%80%9D-sunday/.