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          Increased “defense” spending has nothing to do with the just balances and scales in Prov. 16:11. The passage is about honest money and markets, not about spending priorities. It is forbidding schemes of theft, which includes all government-financed programs, military or otherwise.  The passage requires the elimination of all deficit spending and all national debt, in which current generations are spending and wasting massively via debts that future generations will have to pay. “Quit stealing from your grandchildren,” is the proper application.   So is “quit stealing from everyone else.” All programs funded by government taxation and debt which involve any form of wealth redistribution fall in this category.
          Most importantly, the proper application of this commandment includes the inherently unjust weight and measure called the Federal Reserve. Manipulating the money supply—which is a government monopoly—is the ultimate form of falsifying scales. The Federal Reserve should be abolished.
- Joel McDermon, “Answers to a liberal Congresswoman’s Bible Questions," at http://americanvision.org/5660/answers-to-a-liberal-congresswomans-bible-questions/, (accessed 4/9/12).