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Medicare does not honor the elderly, so diminishing the Medicare guarantee is not a failure to live up to the command of Lev. 19:32.  Forcing seniors (or anyone else) into only one choice for health insurance does not honor them.  Medicare is using government force to say, “We know what’s best for you, grandma—you don’t, and no one else does—and you can’t choose any other option without steep government-imposed financial penalties.”  Insulting people’s intelligence and rigging the market to limit any possibility of proving otherwise is not honoring anyone.  And thus, even to begin to chip away at that system is to move toward honoring the elderly. If politicians really care about Lev. 19:32, they should unite behind an effort to abolish Medicare, not sustain it.
- Joel McDermon, “Answers to a liberal Congresswoman’s Bible Questions," at http://americanvision.org/5660/answers-to-a-liberal-congresswomans-bible-questions/, (accessed 4/9/12).